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“To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world” – Anon “We must be the change we wish to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi

The voices of those suffering from HIV, extreme poverty, endemic disease and malnutrition are scarcely heard in the global discourse. It seems that the rift between the developing and developed worlds grows bigger every day.

And yet, the paradox is that there is only one world. Every child, every human life, matters. The only way to begin to redress global iniquities is to translate our belief in universal human rights into the language of action.

This is why we call upon you, whoever you may be, to become part of a new dream. To become an Ambassador of the Possible. This is not some abstract, lofty concept. It is infinitely simple. All it requires is a willingness to do your part to help. The details are entirely up to you! Your contribution to this possible dream may be through raising funds, spreading awareness, or simply sharing the message of hope with your friends and family.

All over the world, Possible Dreams International has called upon ordinary men and women to become our ambassadors: to raise the banner of hope and share our message of true equity and social justice.

Stories of our Ambassadors – Creative ways of making a difference“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted” – Aesop

Possible Dreams International have ambassadors all over the world, ordinary men and women like you and I, inspired by the immediacy of the challenges facing Sub-Saharan Africa and the knowledge that together we can make change.


The Australian Fundraising team is a group based in Victoria which meets regularly to organise creative ways of raising funds and awareness for the work of Possible Dreams International in the rural and remote areas of Swaziland. The team is truly multi-cultural and has members from a large diversity of religious and ethnic backgrounds. They are a living example of one of Possible Dreams International’s core beliefs – Unity. They are united by compassion in their efforts to support and empower our brothers and sisters in the poorest, rural and remote areas of Swaziland.

Waleed Aly is an Australian lawyer, academic, radio personality and rock musician. As an ambassador for Possible Dreams International, Waleed is vocal in his support of the plight of those living with HIV/AIDS and extreme poverty in Africa. Notably he helped to organize for half the proceeds of a dinner held by Australian Minister of Finance and Minister for Melbourne, Lindsay Tanner to be donated to the work of Possible Dreams International as well as playing a leading role in organising media interviews to help raise awareness of the choir’s recent Australian tour. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TSw-B_adMP8

Shanaka Fernando is the founder of Lentil as Anything and was Australia’s Local Hero of the Year in 2007. Shanaka has been a long-time supporter of PDI and has provided invaluable support at events including the annual PDI Fundraising Dinner held in Melbourne, Australia each year.

Dream Council The Dream Council is a group of youth and student representatives from each of the schools and community organisations involved in the recent PDI Choir’s Australian Tour. The members of the Dream Council met regularly in the lead-up to the tour to discuss and organise creative ways to raise funds and awareness within their respective communities. These students played an integral role in the organisation of the choir’s concerts in each of their individual schools and communities. Representing a wide variety of cultures and backgrounds, the cooperative hard work and dedication to the ‘Possible Dream’ of each member of the Dream Council, showed what it truly means to be ‘United in Compassion’. Abe Ape – will send video of PDI poem

Tessa Edwards was an artist and humanitarian who donated proceeds from her artwork to PDI for many years. Tessa’s generosity helped begin PDI’s Mealie Meal project in Swaziland which has become one of our largest ongoing projects now providing food supplementation to around 300 people / month. Tessa passed away in 2011 but her legacy of compassion continues.

Below is a video of some of the lives Tessa’s gift has touched:

Linda Neas is an educator and writer who lives in Western Massachusetts. Inspired by stories of Swaziland and the work of Possible Dreams International, she wrote a series of poems about Swaziland which she has published, and is donating all proceeds to the work of Possible Dreams International. http://www.blurb.com/bookstore/detail/1321608


In the United States, Brandi Reynolds, a young artist and self described ‘joy-rebel’ decided that she would paint ‘love notes’ for the people of Swaziland….to build a bridge of friendship…. Thanks to Brandi’s gift a little light shone into the lives of very poor, very sick children and widowed mothers.


Several PDI Ambassadors: Catherine Mark (UK), Liann Brookes-Smith (UK), Phillip Sheath (Aus) and Mandy Hubbard (Aus) have used their athletic prowess to raise money and awareness for the work of PDI in a variety of events ranging from the 15 mile Wirral Coastal Walk to the 2012 Melbourne Marathon and 2013 City2Surf

The Burwood Heights Uniting Church Craft Group have had several stalls and craft fundraisers to raise funds for the people of Swaziland and the work of Possible Dreams International.

Susan Carland is a lecturer in Sociology, a humanitarian and frequent guest on Australian television and radio. She is an advocate and ambassador for Possible Dreams International and recently sent a shipment of clothing to Swaziland, the results of which are documented in this video:

In Canada, Edward and Miruh Sanderson are active ambassadors, Edward has developed a meditation CD, the proceeds of which are being donated to Possible Dreams International and Miruh writes and fundraises for the poor in Swaziland.

In New Delhi, 12 year old Dharini is writing cards for the poor in Swaziland and her own country so that she might build bridges of hope.

We have hundreds of ambassadors all over the world, forming a network of willing hands and open hearts, reaching out to our friends who are facing desperate circumstances in rural Swaziland.

You see, no matter who you are or what your background may be it truly is possible for all of us to make a change! Eminently possible.

Here are some more simple but powerful ideas:

Raising Funds

  • Organise a dinner for friends and family. Ask each person to donate something to the cause. Tell them the stories of Swaziland and Southern Africa.
  • Organise a movie night or trivia night
  • Take a collection at your place of work, religious or social group
  • Organise a casual clothes day at a local school, ask each student to pay a dollar or two dollars to wear casual clothes to school that day.
  • Put on a concert or art exhibition
  • Walk, run, bike ride for Possible Dreams International – ask people in your neighbourhood to sponsor you.
  • Be creative – the sky is the limit when it comes to what you can do!

Raising Awareness

  • Write about Swaziland and developing world issues – add it to your blog, facebook, twitter pages.
  • Give a talk at your place of work, religious or social group
  • Be informed! Find more by writing to us and ask for further information about questions you have regarding any of the issues discussed on this webpage. We will happy to share with you further resources.
  • Get involved in the discussions on our blog page.

We are a team. So if you have a question, an idea or comment – feel free to drop us a line any time at possibledreamsinternational@gmail.com