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A New Vehicle

The PDI team rely on two vehicles to visit remote communities. These vehicles deliver Mealie Meal, transport supplies to the Sitsatsaweni Farm and allow the team to support clients with their Income Generation Projects. These vehicles have lasted for years, despite traversing long distances on poorly maintained, rocky roads in unpredictable weather.

Currently, one of the vehicles is out of action, while the other requires frequent servicing, posing a challenge to our work. If you have contacts with car companies, or would like to donate, please get in touch at hello@possibledreams.org.

Health, hygiene & sanitation

Sanitation is a major concern in communities such as Mpolonjeni and leads to increased diarrhoeal illnesses in children and a lack of dignity. Our eMaswati (Swazi) team hopes to establish a sanitation project, employing local people to build pit latrines (toilets) and Community Champions to provide sanitation education.


While primary education is free in the Kingdom of Eswatini (Swaziland), secondary school education (and university) is prohibitively expensive for many eMaswati (Swazi) children. Education is instrumental to giving young people greater employment opportunities and transcending the cycle of poverty. We hope to support children to graduate from high school and pursue their career dreams.





Aid. Sustain. Dignity.