A Truck of Dreams

Our PDI truck was in a car crash in Kingdom of Eswatini (Swaziland). Most importantly no one was injured but our beloved ‘truck’ (Ute) was written off. I’ve always said ‘it’s not just a truck, it’s hope’... Because you see, when it rounds the corner and this beautiful team pictured below is on board, you can hear and feel the excitement in the air, the little barefoot legs start running, the gogos (that’s what we call grandmothers) start jumping! Because this team of Indigenous Swazi people - Ray, Thembi, Sibusiso, Precious and Makhundu don’t just provide emergency food and housing, they don’t just build houses and provide water access and agricultural projects. They don’t just plant veggie gardens with families and start little income generating projects selling fish or raising chickens - they sing with the clients, they laugh with them. And if they’re not up to singing or dancing, they sit and listen, they hold a hand, they share the sorrow of grief and the jagged edged pain of poverty, they help to reintegrate people back into their communities in a way which only a local Swazi person could do for another Swazi person.

Our Swazi team: Ray, Thembi, Sibusiso, Precious and Makhundu

Our Swazi team: Ray, Thembi, Sibusiso, Precious and Makhundu

I know that the world has grown cynical. I know that everyone is after your money or your time. Our politicians want to build walls around us and put our countries first… as if that’s something to be proud of. But I also know that for 14 years whenever I’ve called on my friends to be compassionate, to help a stranger who you may never meet - I have been met with overwhelming kindness and generosity. This team and the team of amazing international volunteers that support them is not aligned with a particular belief system or orientation - we believe in humanity, in compassion. That when that truck turns the corner the eyes that light up could be your child or my child just as easily as it is a Swazi child. So let me be so bold as to ask you once again, my friends, to give what you can to help our amazing Swazi team as they go about their work of love in the world. Let’s get that truck of dreams back on the road again...

You can donate through our gofundme page or for larger donations over $500, please consider donating via bank transfer by contacting us at hello@possibledreams.org

Siyabonga Kakhulu (thank you so much) 

Maithri Goonetilleke

Possible Dreams