Our dual aid and sustain model of care nested within a larger all encompassing principle of honouring human dignity which informs the way the two project categories aid and sustain are conducted at every level.

Project: Community Champions

One of the challenges of working in remote communities is access to essential services. Poor quality roads, high costs of petrol andvehicle repairs, long distances and inclement weather, make it difficult for our team to frequently visit clients spread across numerous remote communities.

Community Champions help to address the challenge of remote work. These local change agents live in and intimately know their communities - the families living there, their relationship dynamics, and specific challenges facing the community.

The Community Champions Project started in late 2016. Our female champions follow up Income Generation Projects, support unwell individuals,  identify new clients with acute needs and regularly update our field team on the health status or needs of existing clients.

We currently have two established Community Champions – Make Shongwe (who also coordinates the Matsetsa Soup Kitchen and Swazi Innovators for Change) and Make Tenjiwe. We aim to employ three more female leaders in Mpolonjeni, Sitsatsaweni and Lubhuku.

Project: Pay it forward (‘One hand helps the other’)

Every person or family who is assisted engages in a contract of helping others. For example, someone assisted with an agricultural project will sit in conversation with an old grandmother in the community for an hour each week, or collect water for an orphaned child.