Our Vision

A world in which every person can achieve their full potential, no matter the circumstances of their birth.





The values of Possible Dreams International Inc are grounded upon four main tenets:



Compassion guides and underscores every aspect of our work. We seek to honour the dignity of every human life and alleviate suffering. In our interactions we hope to retain a sense of humility and treat all people with justice and respect.


We believe that the world is one; that our common humanity is far more salient and powerful than the more superficial differences of ethnicity, culture, religion, sexual orientation, social status or geographical location.

We are non-denominational and non-discriminatory. Our members derive from every walk of life.

Furthermore, through our work we seek to challenge constructs of ‘first’ and ‘third’ worlds, and any similar idea which allows us to distance ourselves from the problems of fellow human beings struggling in the fray of life. We seek true equity and equality for every citizen of the world.


The discourse of international health and extreme poverty often centres on the inestimable vastness of the problems faced, rather than the nature of the solution. As a consequence ‘ordinary citizens’ often feel overwhelmed and immobilized. At Possible Dreams International we seek to translate this discourse into a language of possibility. Our question is not “How can this happen?” rather “How can we help?”

Community Empowerment

We work intimately with communities to ensure that they play an active role in their own development and progress. We ensure that any project we undertake is not only fully approved of by the community but will involve and engage community members at every stage of its implementation. We do not seek to present western cultural norms as ‘developed’ or correct. Rather we seek to work with communities within the context of their own culture to help create long-term sustainable and uplifting solutions.